Full Professor

Jean Maquet was born in 1957. He received a Bachelor degree in 1974. From 1977 to 1981, he was studying at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud in Physics department, he passes the "agrégation" in physics in September 1981.

He began to teach in secondary level. In 1983, he came to teach in Normandy and he joined the CORIA as a research student in the LESP (Laboratory of Enenergetics for System and Processes) to work on Instabilities in liquid with free surfaces. In 1987, he received a Ph’D degree for these researches. In September 1988, he joined the Department of Energetics and Propulsion in the "INSA de ROUEN" (National Institute for applied Sciences) as senior lecturer.

- Teaching

Lectures and tutorial in physics for undergraduate students (Thermodynamics, Electricity, Fluid Mechanics).

Thermal transfer in boundary layer

Lectures and tutorial in CFD for master students in Mechanical Engineering.

- Main research topics :


Global modelling and observability from a single scalar time series

Analysis of data from the real world using tools borrowed from the nonlinear dynamical systems theory

- Publications

Most published works concern global modelling from experimental data (in collaboration with many groups who collected the data).

- List of publications of the ATOMOSYD group.

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