Christophe LETELLIER

Fabrice Denis, Ethan Basch, Anne-Lise Septans, Jaafar Bennouna, Thierry Urban, Amylou C. Dueck & Christophe Letellier
Two-year survival comparing web-based symptom monitoring vs routine surveillance following treatment for lung cancer,
JAMA. 321 (3), 306-307, 2019. Online

Symptom monitoring during chemotherapy via web-based patient-reported outcomes (PROs) was previously demonstrated to lengthen survival in a single-center study.1 A multicenter randomized clinical trial compared web-based monitoring vs standard scheduled imaging to detect symptomatic recurrence in patients with lung cancer following initial treatment. A planned interim analysis (9-month follow-up) found a significant survival benefit (19-month survival in the PRO group vs 12 months in the control group).2 We now present the final overall survival analysis.

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