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I was born in 1987 in Rouen. Interested by the medical field, I decided to complete a first year of medical studies after my bachelor degree. Unfortunately, I failed to the competitive exam, and I then choose to redirect my studies ito a second year of Biology degree. At the end of this year, I choose to switch for the Biomedical Engineering training (IBIOM) at the University of Rouen which was better corresponding to my future career planes. During these years, I did internships in the medical imaging unit at the Rouen Universitary Hospital. Most of patients taking appointment for a medical exam had cancer. From these internships I became interested by this disease.

The Ph.D. thesis about tumor growth that Christophe Letellier proposed me was just fitting very well with my interests. Today, my researches are devoted to the understanding of the dynamics of tumor growth and to the developement of individual prognosis. Durint the preparation of my thesis, I am teaching "university work methodology" and informatics in the psychology faculty of Rouen.

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