Clément DRAGHI

Ph.D. Student
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I was born in 1990. Always interested in physics and medecine, and after a first year of medical studies, I turned towards a second year in Biomedical Engineering at the university of Rouen. My two first internships have been devoted to noninvasive mechanical ventilation, firstly in Rouen Universitary Hospital in the critical care unit, then at the University Hospital of Geneva in an Intensive care unit, both under the supervision of Jean-Christophe Richard. During these two internships, I have broadened my knowledge in medecine. My third interships in Master 2 was devoted to the modelling of tumor growth. The aim of this intership, supervised by Louise Viger, was the spatiotemporal modelling of tumour growth in the particular case of prostate cancer.

Today, I am currently working for preparing a Ph.D. Thesis supervised by Christophe Letellier and Fabrice Denis.

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